Ferrari FF in the Dolomites

Cars made by "Ferrari" somehow always, in the logic of things, are linked with sunshine, wind in your hair, beautiful women and the sea. The fact that the Italian car maker held the "FF" model presentation in the Dolomites, on snow and ice, may look strange at first. The answer to the question why hides in the second letter F. Long ago did the president of "Ferrari" Luca di Montezemolo announce that the new car will be like nothing that "Ferrari" has ever seen. People were guessing what the successor of the "612 Scaglietti" might be like. And while everybody was more or less discussing the future model of "Ferrari" in Maranello   car was created like the "Prancing Horse" has never seen before - a four wheel drive model! To make it even more unusual, the new Italian Ferrari is a true four-seater, a harmonious combination  "unified" in the model name - Ferrari FF (Ferrari Four). Before the Ferrari FF experienced official debut at the Geneva Motor Show, prototypes have  traveled many miles in the polar circle, which is to say, in the harshest of conditions.

Official Italian Ferrari FF video

The car was tested also in the desert, but it is not surprising since, as already said, the Ferrari cars are somehow logically tied to a nice, warm weather and sunshine. And, why is the Ferrari FF tested in the polar circle? 

The answer is quite simple - in Maranello, Italy they consider that there are no better conditions to test the all-wheel drive than the eternal ice and snow. The tests were completed, the FF model officially introduced, and how fitting for a brand such as Ferrari, before they started public tests for the FF model, the time has come to bring  about 200 people from the major world media, to meet with the new Ferrari. Since it is a bit tricky to lead all those people to the Arctic Circle, Ferrari found a solution - to give the "chosen" ones an opportunity to see and fell what the Ferrari FF and his four wheel drive can really do. They took them to 2350 meters above sea level, to the ski resort Plan de Corones in the Dolomites in northern Italy. There the people from  Maranello  prepared a special track, which should serve to test the real capabilities of Ferrari FF, first of all its 4x4 drive. A small "problem" was the fact that the special paths can be reached only by ski lift, and Ferrari FF can't reach any of them. The solution, as is fitting for Ferrari, was found through something "different and above all glamorous" - two copies of the Ferrari FF were transported to the track with the help of the Italian Air Force "loaded" into the transport helicopter CH-47 Chinook, so the Ferrari FF literally "landed" in the Dolomites.

Promotion of the Ferrari FF in the Dolomites lasted almost four weeks, during which journalists could in all aspects  look at the new model from Maranello, and judge it. Of course one of the most important tests was held on a specially prepared track, but since that just the drive on a track would bore even the biggest Ferrari fanatic, the car wasn't driven just on that particular track.

Above 200 "lucky fellas "drove the Italian Ferrari FF on the snow-covered roads and trails around  Kronplatz, then the winding, spectacular roads around Gardena, Sella, Campolongo and Pordoi, as in the urban cores of Bruneck and Brixen. We do not know how "the lucky 200" felt during these tests, but we know that we would hardly accept to leave that place - because of the Italian car, and because of the spectacular nature ...

Production 2011-
Assembly Maranello, Italy
Predecessor Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Class Grand tourer
Body style 3-door shooting-brake
Layout FM4 layout
Engine 6.3 L V12
Transmission 7-speed dual-clutch automated semi-automatic
Wheelbase 2,949 mm (116.1 in)
Length 4,907 mm (193.2 in)
Width 1,953 mm (76.9 in)
Height 1,379 mm (54.3 in)
Curb weight 1,880 kg (4,145 lb)
Designer Pininfarina



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