Lamborghini Reventon - Italian car worth 1.4 million $

Italian sports car "Lamborghini Reventon" was produced in only 20 pieces in the world. The model that was listed by the number 18 recently appeared on a famous internet portal for selling Italian cars under a petty price of 1.020.225 euros or 1.4 million $. Even if you have money for this car, you should be aware that you will spend long , long hours in road because his beauty, uniques and power. So, beside you will need some protection from sun, you will earn less money as your office hours will be reduced. This "Lambo" passed 330 miles, or 1600 kilometers and judging by the words of the current owner is in pretty good condition. Except the fact that it looks amazing, under the hood lies a V12 650 BHP beast that enables him an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds. The max speed that it can reach it pretty mind blowing - 356 kilometres per hour. An interesting fact is that the "Lamborghini Reventon" eats away an incredible 32 litres in city driving, though he is "saving" more fuel in open roads. It`s outer look is inspired by military fighter planes, and is characterized by sharp edges, straight lines and flat surfaces. It looks like that for the designers of the popular "bull" it was not enough that the outside of the car resembles a fighter jet so they made the inside look like a cockpit of a fighter jet.

Italian cars Lamborghini Reventon

The dashboard is completely designed in a futuristic way and is completely different from any other car in existence. It`s an incredibly beautiful and powerful car, but that was always the way of "Lamborghini". Here are some rough facts of this amazing Italian car summed up.


Production 2009-2010
Assembly Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy
Body style 2-door coupé
Layout Mid-engine, four-wheel drive
Engine 6.5 L (400 cu in) V12
Transmission 6-speed e-gear (6-speed manual)
Wheelbase 2,665 mm (104.9 in)
Length 4,700 mm (190 in)
Width 2,058 mm (81.0 in)
Height 1,135 mm (44.7 in)
Curb Weight 1,665 kg (3,670 lb)

Italian cars Lamborghini Reventon rear



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  3. learly a Lamborghini, but nothing quite like it. A super car without equals: the Lamborghini Reventón is a road vehicle with an extreme specification and, at the same time, a limited edition masterpiece - a coherent style, angular with sharp lines, inspired by the very latest aeronautics.

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