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Ferrari California - Italian sports car

Ferrari California is a grand touring sports car that was launched by Ferrari, Italia at the 2008. It is a two door hard top convertible. Is powered by front-mid mounted direct injection 4.3 L V8 with 460 PS...more

Italian car Zonda

Italian Car Paggani Zonda

The Pagani is valued at 1.500.000 euros, while the weight value is only 1000 kg without the driver and fuel...more

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Italian car Lamborghini Reventon

Italian sports car "Lamborghini Reventon" was produced in only 20 pieces in the world. The model that was listed by the number 18 recently appeared on a famous...more

Italian car Alfa Romeo

Italian car beauty - Alfa Romeo Spider

There's a good dollop of charisma to be found under the hood of any Italian Alfa Spider. Engines include a 2.2-litre four-cylinder, a 3.2-litre V6 and a 2.4-litre five-pot turbodiesel; this refined unit is the best engine in...more

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LaFerrari only after purchase F12 Berlinetta

Buyer from the Philippines was forced to first purchase Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, to be able to qualify for buying a top model LaFerrari.
Ferrari LaFerrari the auto show in Geneva 2013th
Ferrari LaFerrari the auto show in Geneva 2013th

How Philippine Top Gear says, the sole distributor of Ferrari car brand in this country, the company Autostrada Motore, stated that the model of LaFerrari can be order only by "special Ferrari clients." According to one of the representatives of the distributor, people who can order this Ferrari model must have in its garage at least 5 cars with the Prancing Horse emblem. Since by purchasing model F12 Berlinetta anonymous Filipino formally qualify to purchase LaFerrari is expected that he will be allowed by the Italian manufacturer, to became one of owners of the 499 copies that will ever be available on the market, with the appropriate fee, which amounts to approximately 1.3 million euros. Purchased Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is the first such car in the Philippines, and the owner of it had to set aside 32.9 million pesos (about 568,000 Euros).

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento from Kyrgyzstan

Although the title sounds exotic, a design studio in the Central Asian country seriously approached the task of creating a replica of the Sesto Elemento. A copy of Lamborghini's chassis is based on a Volvo model from 1982., in addition to the body of the plastic materials were used and some parts from other cars, like alloy wheels from BMW X5:
As its creators from the studio New Format from Kyrgyzstan said, the replica has the same dimensions as the Sesto Elemento concept, and as a guideline for development are used drafts of this car from the internet. The car may not be a top achievement in making copies of expensive models, but we must commend the hard work of its creators. With this video presentation publishing, we assume that this Lambo are made ​​legal, as opposed to the recently seized copies of Ferrari's cars in Spain. From "New Format Studio" we don't heard whether they intend to sell this Lamborghini replica and how much it could cost. Original Sesto Elemento, which by Lamborghini announcements will be produced in a limited edition of 20 copies and will be priced around 2 million euros. Read more about the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

For sale part of the Ferrari history

When the news appeared in the media on the sale of vehicles belonging to the history of Ferrari, everyone is always first think of a classic car from Maranello. This time it is about a different four-wheeler. In offer of specialized website Memento Exclusives, which sells souvenirs and a variety of other items for Formula 1 fans, we found an exclusive. This is a truck that the Ferrari F1 team used to transport racing cars from 1969 to the 1980s. year.


Although the truck is not in perfect condition (need restoration)the vehicle will definitely make happy a wealthy Ferrari fan who would like to have it in its collection. Ferrari's transport vehicle is currently in Japan. Its price was not announced, as they are in the company Memento Exclusives decided to disclose to interested customers on request.


A car that is in the photo on the truck is not included in the price, but the transport costs from Japan to the location of the customer, are included.

Italians are giving up of sports car

Love to Italian luxury sports car was seriously shaken by the economic crisis in the eurozone. According to the latest Ferrari and Maserati sales in the domestic market is more than halved. Moreover, in 2012. recorded a decline in total car sales of close to 20 percent.

In the year 2012 in Italy, Ferrari sold 248 cars, which is a drop of 56% compared to 2011. According to data from the Association of Italian car manufacturer, in 2012 the Maserati sold only 115, or 72% less than it did in 2011.

Lamborghini's sales drop in the domestic market is smaller than that of its competitors, but the company would not sell the large number of cars in Italy. In the year 2012 were delivered to customers 60 copies of the model with the emblem of a bull on the hood, or 16.6% less than in 2011.

Also, is the threatened sales of less expensive Italian sports cars, such as the Alfa Romeo. Although the year 2012 in Italy were placed 42,000 new Alfie, it's a quarter less than in 2011.

The Ferrari say they are not too worried about poor sales in the domestic market.

"The decline in sales of our cars in Italy is only one bad episode in an otherwise great year for Ferrari," said the company's president Luca di Montezemolo.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

A trend that is affecting the sport and supercar is not unique only to this type of passenger vehicles.

Total car sales in Italy in 2012 also experienced a large drop of as much as 19.9%​​. Thus, during the past year on the Italian market delivered 1.4 million new cars, which is the worst result since 1979. year.

Foreign premium automakers also suffered declining sales, which at Audi and BMW is 16%.

In general drab to fit the largest domestic carmaker, Fiat, which is a in 2012 in Italy sold just under 295,000 vehicles, a decrease of 19 percent compared to 2011.

The Italian Association for such a car salesman sales results and a false state tax system.

"The car market is burdened with high taxes, which is a considerably more difficult and gaining possession of the car in Italy," says the president of the association, Filippo Pavan Bernacchi.

However, Italy is not alone when it comes to poor sales performance in 2012. year. A similar fate is shared by France with sales falling by 14%, and Spain, which last year recorded a 13.4 percent fewer deliveries than in 2011.

We are sure that this trend will be better in 2013 and 2014. year. Many rich people are adventurous by their nature, and they love adventure activities like modern kitesurfing holidays, diving, hiking, and at the top all vehicles that have two or four wheels...with huge horsepower!

Italian sports car with a style

Although it may seem unusual for a Italian Sports Lamborghini, Urus is a brand with a fully fledged representative sign a raging bull. Length is 4.99 meters, measuring only 1.66 meters and a width of 1.99, the dimensions fit in the Sport SUV.

Sharp lines, wedge shape, large air intakes, the light elements in the Y-shaped some of the distinctive character of modern design super cars that can be found on this vehicle. Headlights are
heptagonal shape, set horizontally and are completely made ​​in LED technology. They consist of two series with 3 LED high efficiency. Daytime running lights have a distinctive "Y" shape that is achieved by using the technology of light lines, the fog lights are located below the air intake.


Between the two outer intakes are located and the adaptive front spoiler. The lateral view may be seen characteristic narrow glass surfaces taper toward the rear. In fact the whole back side of the door including the rear fenders and irresistibly reminiscent of the Estoque concept.

The wheels are 24 inches in diameter with double spokes and are made from cast aluminum with a matte finish. Exterior color was chosen to emphasize the contrast between the parts and carbon fiber body panels themselves. The concept does not have the classic door mirrors, but instead found that the camera image is projected on two screens inside the vehicle. This solution, however, does not impose a reality for mass production.