For sale part of the Ferrari history

When the news appeared in the media on the sale of vehicles belonging to the history of Ferrari, everyone is always first think of a classic car from Maranello. This time it is about a different four-wheeler. In offer of specialized website Memento Exclusives, which sells souvenirs and a variety of other items for Formula 1 fans, we found an exclusive. This is a truck that the Ferrari F1 team used to transport racing cars from 1969 to the 1980s. year.


Although the truck is not in perfect condition (need restoration)the vehicle will definitely make happy a wealthy Ferrari fan who would like to have it in its collection. Ferrari's transport vehicle is currently in Japan. Its price was not announced, as they are in the company Memento Exclusives decided to disclose to interested customers on request.


A car that is in the photo on the truck is not included in the price, but the transport costs from Japan to the location of the customer, are included.



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