The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - Smoothness from Italy

Four words:The. Fastest. Ferrari. Period.

While the F12 Berlinetta may have a name seemingly created to drive English teachers crazy, the 740 BHP V12 is just demenziale. Genrating 509 lb-ft of torque, it is enough to propel the 3,362-pound car from 0-62 mph in just 3.1 seconds and 0-104 mph in 8.5 seconds, taking it from Ferrari. Of course, the true measure of any Ferrari is a lap around Fiorano course, which the Italian carmaker says can be completed in just 1:23 seconds .

Ferrari says the new Berlinetta has a lower and more rearward center of gravity thanks to a redesigned suspension and gearbox, with 54 percent of the entire weight of the car resting on the rear tires. A 0.299 Cd and 76 percent more downforce allows a top speed of over 211 mph.

Production:       2012–
Assembly:         Maranello, Italy
Predecessor:   Ferrari 599
Class:                 Grand tourer
Body style:         2-seat berlinetta
Layout:                FMR layout
Engine:                6.3 L V12
Transmission:   7-speed dual-clutch Automated Manual

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