LaFerrari only after purchase F12 Berlinetta

Buyer from the Philippines was forced to first purchase Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, to be able to qualify for buying a top model LaFerrari.

Ferrari LaFerrari the auto show in Geneva 2013th
Ferrari LaFerrari the auto show in Geneva 2013th

How Philippine Top Gear says, the sole distributor of Ferrari car brand in this country, the company Autostrada Motore, stated that the model of LaFerrari can be order only by "special Ferrari clients." According to one of the representatives of the distributor, people who can order this Ferrari model must have in its garage at least 5 cars with the Prancing Horse emblem. Since by purchasing model F12 Berlinetta anonymous Filipino formally qualify to purchase LaFerrari is expected that he will be allowed by the Italian manufacturer, to became one of owners of the 499 copies that will ever be available on the market, with the appropriate fee, which amounts to approximately 1.3 million euros. Purchased Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is the first such car in the Philippines, and the owner of it had to set aside 32.9 million pesos (about 568,000 Euros).



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