Italian sports car with a style

Although it may seem unusual for a Italian Sports Lamborghini, Urus is a brand with a fully fledged representative sign a raging bull. Length is 4.99 meters, measuring only 1.66 meters and a width of 1.99, the dimensions fit in the Sport SUV.

Sharp lines, wedge shape, large air intakes, the light elements in the Y-shaped some of the distinctive character of modern design super cars that can be found on this vehicle. Headlights are
heptagonal shape, set horizontally and are completely made ​​in LED technology. They consist of two series with 3 LED high efficiency. Daytime running lights have a distinctive "Y" shape that is achieved by using the technology of light lines, the fog lights are located below the air intake.


Between the two outer intakes are located and the adaptive front spoiler. The lateral view may be seen characteristic narrow glass surfaces taper toward the rear. In fact the whole back side of the door including the rear fenders and irresistibly reminiscent of the Estoque concept.

The wheels are 24 inches in diameter with double spokes and are made from cast aluminum with a matte finish. Exterior color was chosen to emphasize the contrast between the parts and carbon fiber body panels themselves. The concept does not have the classic door mirrors, but instead found that the camera image is projected on two screens inside the vehicle. This solution, however, does not impose a reality for mass production.



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