Lamborghini Perdigon - designed to hit the Veyron

Since limited, special version of the Lamborghini Reventon coupe and roadster versions, which are found in the market 2008th and 2009th , the famous Italian manufacturer Lamborghini has brought a fresh design and sharp lines. The new look of models from Sant'Agate Bolognese inspired by combat fighter, was the production and concept models like Aventador and Sesto Elemento.

Lamborghini Perdigon

A large number of concept solutions of individual designers adopted the same philosophy. Last in the series comes to us from California, and is the work of Ondrej Jirec, a final year student of the Faculty of Arts in Pasadena.

Lamborghini Perdigon Exterior

The concept is called Perdigon Lamborghini, and was named by the famous bull, who "ruled" corridor in the late nineteenth century, and his head was exposed in the Madrid museum. Although based on the size Perdigon reminds on successors Gallardo, according to its author, it is a model conceived as a hyper car that could "come to grips" with the Bugatti Veyron. Sharp corners and surface appearance is inspired by the F117 Nighthawk and the F22 Raptor fighter combat, but rather there is a big air intake, while the fan is positioned immediately beneath the windscreen, which is a detail that recalls Betmobile from Tim Burton films.

Lamborghini Perdigon Interior



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