The Maserati Bora - Icon, Legend, Superstar

The mid-engined Maserati Bora was the absolute epitomy of Modena exotic, a rare animal, a production car in which the stylist was given absolute freedom to design anything he wanted, and he ended up designing one of the most iconic car of all time.

The shape of the Bora is as good as it can get when talking about passenger car aerodynamics, a maximum speed of more than 170 mph combined with grip and handling ensured there was hardly an equal off the racing circuit.

There was a scary amount of engineering fines sitting above the four wheels of the Maserati. In addition to the abundance of attributes the Bora has, was the fact that it was also one of the most practical mid-engined production cars  in terms of luggage capacity. Unfortunately though the front passenger's foot well-being was a bit compromised.

Somehow the designer acquired a lot of space for the 4.7-litre V8 engine and adequate luggage in the front boot within the confines of the 14 ft. 2 in. length but when he had done that he remembered that a heavy duty battery and a heater unit had to be accommodated somewhere. Rather than encroach on boot space he moved the vertical bulkhead rearwards into the passenger footwell, leaving space between it and the boot to accommodate bulky items.

Access to the battery was gained by removing a panel in the carpeted boot, allowing the battery to be slid out easily on its tray. The engine and seats were positioned within the monocoque and the 8 ft. 6 in. wheelbase as to give 42 per cent load on the front axle and 58 per cent on the rear, with a consequently low polar moment of inertia resulting in neutral handling. It had independent wishbone suspension all round with coil spring damper units and anti-roll bars front and rear.

Production            1971-1978 (Bora 4.7 L)
                               289 produced
                               1974-1978 (Bora 4.9 L)
                               275 produced
Predecessor        Maserati Ghibli
Successor           Maserati MC12
Body style            2-door coupe
Layout                  RMR layout
Engine                 4.7 L 4719 cc V8
                              4.9 L 4930 cc V8
Transmission     5-speed manual
Wheelbase         2,600 mm (102.4 in)
Length                  4,335 mm (170.7 in)
Width                   1,730 mm (68.1 in)
Height                 1,134 mm (44.6 in)

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