Maserati GranCabrio - Elegance is all

Imagine the billionaire scene of a luxury convertible and a sun-drenched road winding to a chic Mediterranean hotel...
The film rolling in your mind will probably involve you and a loving partner, or maybe you alone, and almost certainly won't feature anyone on your fantasy wheels' back bench.
But the reality is that many of us need the convenience of multiple seats, even when living the dream, which is why Maserati's strategy is always selling glamorous cars with room for four, and quite generous room at that.
So the Modenese company's latest GranCabrio has four seats and enough space around them to render the back pair genuinely comfortable.
True, the boot will struggle to swallow the luggage of one light packer, but this convertible is more usable than most in its class.

You can find full technical specifications here

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