The Ferrari Enzo - Italian car legend

You expect an Enzo to be fast; a "slow supercar" is really an oxymoron. You also expect an Enzo to be fiery; Ferrari actually admits that post-delivery mechanical malfunctions are an integral part of the development process. But most of all, you expect it to be pretty. Think of it this way: if the $650k Enzo wasn't pretty, everyone who saw one would consider its owner an idiot.

Benny Caiola Jr. is no idiot. Saying that, would you lend your Enzo to a stranger? Before you answer that question, think of this: the New York property developer owns two of them. And an F40, F40LM, F50, 333SP, 512BB, 575M, 456, 355, Dino, four 360s, a Lamborghini Diablo and Murcielago, Pagani Zonda, Porsche GT2 and Aston Martin Vanquish. So even if a visiting journalist somehow carved his place in automotive infamy, Benny wouldn't be taking the bus…

Anyway, as I approach Benny's Ferrari Enzo, I respect his taste. With the exception of its circular tail lights and the horse emblem in the rear mesh, the Enzo doesn't share any design cue with its predecessors. Yet it's Ferrari. The F1-style nose gets all the press, but it's the Enzo's blend of exquisite details and balanced proportions that creates its brand-specific charisma. To say the end result is aesthetically appealing is like saying Enrico Caruso could carry a tune.

Production 2002–2004
                 400 produced
Predecessor Ferrari F50
Successor    Ferrari F70
Class          Supercar
                  Racing car
Body style   2-seat Berlinetta
Layout        RMR layout
Engine        6.0 L Tipo F140B V12
Transmission 6-speed semi-automatic



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