The Ferrari GTO 250 - Sold for only $31,856,726

The Ferrari GTO 250
If there is a car that looks absolutely perfect in every way it's the Ferrari GTO 250 . The plunging valley between those humpy front wings, the little mouth pouting at the tip of its hood, the subtle flip-up on the boot. Don't care that the nose is a bit long and the tail too short and don't care that there are vents and slots everywhere to break up the flow and smoothness of the car's body. The GtTO still looks balanced in every aspect.

Two things instantly capture your attention inside. The gear-shifter lever, which stands like some mystical sword from the transmission tunnel so high that you can rest your elbow on it, with a polished aluminium knob the size of a tennis ball. From its centre, there are spokes polished enough to dazzle support a thin wooden rim and if you simply let go of this and keep the arms bent, your hand falls instantly to the gear knob. It's created in way that is so natural for the driver. Further down and to the left of the gate which guides the metal mast beneath your shifting hand, there's a enormous speedometer in a plastic-covered cardboard box. Only road legality demands its presence; the all-important rev counter with its wide plastic needle and bold but pale white numbers is dead ahead in the main instrument panel.

Production 1962–1964
                     (39 produced)
Successor Ferrari 288 GTO
Class          Sports car
Body           Berlinetta
Layout       FR layout
Engine        3.0 L V12
                   300 PS (220 kW; 300 hp)
Transmission 5-speed manual



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