The Lamborghini Countach - Italian car beauty

The first issue making Countach so exotic was its look. The wedge-shape style combined with sharp edges and distinctive features like scissors doors, NACA ducts and sq. pop-up headlamps, not only caught eyes but additionally looked futuristic.
Whenever a Countach flashed pass a viewer, it'd immediately give a pair of impressions. The primary was that it was extremely low, lower than any other car in the world. In fact, standing at forty two inches in height, The Countach was the lowest car in history besides the Ford GT40 and Lotus Esprit. However, its aggressive lines created it subjectively appeared even lower than it was.The second impression was: it must be very powerful and electric fast. Race version of GT40, with 425 bhp 7-litre V8, actually out-powered the Countach, but its soft profile prevented one from believing its real speed. On the contrary, the original Countach had 50 hp less but looked like 40 mph faster. Therefore, when Lamborghini made a wild claimed of "in-excess of 200 mph top speed" in the Geneva show, most journalists believed it really could!

Production    1974–1990
                        (2,042 produced)
Assembly       Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy
Predecessor Lamborghini Miura
Successor    Lamborghini Diablo
Class             Sports Car
Body style     2-door coupĂ©
Layout          Rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine          4.0 L (3929 cc) V12
                       4.8 L (4754 cc) V12
                      5.2 L (5167 cc) V12
Transmission 5-speed manual



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