The Fiat 500 - Retro modern flashback

If you think that you understand the Italians, think about the take of Roberto Giolito, the director of Fiat design. He compares the first 500 with the Michelin logo, in his words, The Fiat 500 is “a fat man made from tires.” He says this without a touch of irony and without the slightest thought that a fat man made from tires may not be the perfect design goal for any car. And it is not just about the old Fiat 500. He sees the identical thing in the new 500. We really don't know what he is talking about. The 500 is super retro-adorable inside. There is even an option that changes the black interior for white plastic. If you check this option you also get a white steering wheel. In the middle there is a digital display telling the engine temperature, fuel level, date, time, and exterior temperature. Wrapped around that is the tachymeter, and around that the speedometer. It is really awesome. So if you want a taste of awesome buy the Fiat 500.

Production  1957-1975
Assembly   Turin, Italy
Predecessor Fiat 500 "Topolino"
Successor    Fiat 126
Class           City car
Body style    2-door sedan
                      3-door estate
Layout          RR layout
Engine         479 cc I2
                     499 cc I2
                    594 cc I2
Transmission 4-speed manual



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